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Who Were The Hutchinson Family Singers?

The quartet of Judson, John, Asa, and Abby was the most influential and significant singing group in the US, beginning in 1843. They sang to hundreds of thousands of Americans throughout the North, in both anti-slavery meetings and family concerts, spreading the message of abolitionism and the need for multiple other social reforms. Their simple lifestyle and adherence to their beliefs made public and protest singing respectable, thereby defying earlier perceptions.

The Homestead


Thirteen of Jesse and Mary Hutchinson's sixteen children lived to adulthood, and every member of the family had a striking voice. Their home on North River Road was know to be alive with music whether the family was within, or working in the fields. The quartet never forgot its roots and returned to Milford at the end of every concert season to help bring in the crops and maintain the 160 acre farm.


1883 photograph of the homestead at North River Road.

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