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Why the Quartet is so Important

Because their widespread popularity allowed them to spread the message of abolitionism through anti-slavery meetings and their own family concerts. History scholars credit the quartet's concerts with creating more public awareness of abolition than any other method.

Because they gave Americans a style of music to call their own, and drew hundreds of thousands of people to their concerts. Prior to their rise to fame, touring singers were European and had no heartfelt or language connections to Americans.

Because they refused to sing anywhere that an integrated audience was not allowed. They dared to sing for the abolishment of slavery even when threatened with bodily harm.

Because they sang for:

  • Abolition of slavery

  • Temperance

  • Equal rights

  • Voting rights and equality for African Americans

  • Voting rights and equality for women

  • Health care reform

  • Prison reform

"Antislavery is now our theme"

— Asa Hutchinson
Entry in family journal April 3, 1844

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