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Hutchinson Family Singers


The Hutchinson Family Singers — From left: Judson, Abby, John, and Asa


"I read your book this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think that it is an excellent introduction to the Hutchinson Family Singers which will serve as a great portal for those interested in learning more about them". 

Dennett Hutchinson, great, great grandson of singer Asa B. Hutchinson


"It's beautiful. And also, an overdue and most worthy project.  Well done!"

Dale Cockrell, author of "Excelsior, Journals of the Hutchinson Family Singers, 1842-1846"

"What a fantastic job of pulling together an enormous amount of information ... to present a fascinating story of this remarkable family."   

Tom Dalton, author of "The Hutchinsons of High Rock".

"What a fantastic publication!!!  Congratulations" - - Scott Gac, author of "Singing For Freedom.  The Hutchinson Family Singers and the Culture of Antebellum"

The Hutchinson Family Singers of North River Rd., Milford, NH were the most popular and influential family singing group in America during the 19th century.

They gained national fame while singing against slavery and for many social reforms. They have been largely forgotten in their home town.

We are dedicated to the goal of creating a public memorial to preserve their legacy and   celebrate their remarkable contributions to America's social, cultural and musical history.

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